Inventory Organizer

The Thinc Inventory Organizer was the first of its kind in SL and is still the ideal option for organizing your cluttered inventory.  Don’t place your items in a plain box to store them.  They just sit there because it’s just tedious to sort through and retrieve an item.  Use the thinc Inventory Box Organizer (IBO) to actively mange your inventory.

The Inventory Box Organizer will allow you place any items, from clothes to landmarks (except for scripts) and browse through and retrieve them with ease.  You can name the box (right click, edit, in general tab change the name), to  whatever category suits it. (Ugly Clothing, Furniture, Dance Animations, etc.)   Now you can stack your IBOs, placing all your IBOs  into one main IBO to take up less room.  An IBO can be left out because of the built in privacy and security features.  Only the owner may access its functions and will either timeout or be place in “Sleep Mode”.  This is where the buttons and text will disappear and look like a nice storage trunk.  The Inventory Box Organizer is available in four colors: Red, Blue, Green, and Black.  It is either sold individually or copyable.   With the copyable version you will receive all the colors.

If you have not done so please try out our demo IBO at our store. Some security and privacy features have been disabled to show the public its features.

NOTE:  There appears to be no maximum number of items that can be place in the organizer.  We have personally placed over 6000 items in an organizer with it still operating (however this is not recommended). The more items you place in the IBO, the longer SL will take to retrieve them due to lag.  We recommend keeping the amount of items to 100 or less per box.

Please note that Thinc is not responsible for lag and inventory loss.


  1. Drag Inventory Box Organizer out of inventory.
  2. Edit the IBO and click the “Content” tab.
  3. Drag the items you want into the contents of the IBO.
  4. OPTIONAL, but  recommended. Click “General” tab and change the name to reflect the content of the IBO.  This is very helpful if you have multiple IBOs and want to place them into one main IBO.
  5. Close edit window.



[Left & Right Arrows] – (On the box) Allows you to scroll through your textures. Will disappear in sleep mode.

[Retrieve] – There is no actual retrieve button.   If you want to retrieve an item just click the main box and it will prompt you. Also brings IBO out of sleep mode.

[Display]  – Will display the name of the IBO, to change look up optional direction in setup instructions.   It will also display the number of item selected out of the total number of items and also the type of item (Clothing, Object, Sound, Landmark, Animation, Note card, Body part, Gesture, and Texture).

[Sleep Mode] – Can be activated or deactivated by selecting retrieve (the main box).  Or it will time out in 2 minutes of no use.