Texture Organizer

The Thinc Multi-Texture Organizer  was the first of it’s kind in SL and is still an ideal option for storing and organising your textures. This is is a must for every busy builder or designer who has textures numbering in the hundreds or even thousands.  How many textures do you have?  Have you spent numerous times searching for that special image that you thought you cleverly named?

With the Multi-Texture Organizer you can now place your textures inside and browse and manage them graphically on a nine panel display.  The Multi-Texture Organizer can browse, delete, and give textures. (Only to owner, no group access) You can also leave the organizer out because of privacy features: Sleep mode (hides all textures on display) and Owner Access only. (Only the owner can browse and use any of the functions of the organizer it will be useless to any other.)   If you haven’t done so please try our demo at the store. Some privacy and security items have been removed in the Demo Organizer in order to show its features to the public.

The Multi-Texture Organizer can only view images with full permissions.  Images that don’t have these permissions still can be retrieved or deleted but are displayed with a default display image.



  1. Drag Multi-Texture Organizer out of inventory.
  2. Edit the organizer and click the “Content” tab.
  3. Drag all the textures from your inventory to the contents of the organizer.
  4. OPTIONAL Click General tab and change the name to whatever you like to further organize your textures. The name will be shown every time organizer is in use. This is very helpful if you have multiple organizers.
  5. Close edit window.


[Left & Right Arrows] – Allows you to scroll through your textures

[Zoom Button (Magnify Glass)] – Toggles Zoom Mode.  The next image you pick will zoom in 3X, afterwards click on the image again to un-zoom image.

[Delete Button (X button)] – Toggles Delete Mode.  The next image you will pick will be deleted after confirmation.

[Retrieving Image] – Click any image being displayed, after confirmation the image will be given to you.  Remember to click “Keep” after receiving image.

[Sleep Mode] – Can be activated anytime by clicking any image and selecting “SLEEP” instead of “RETRIEVE”.  The Organizer will automatically timeout for not being in use and go to sleep.  To get out of sleep just simply click any blank images to awaken organizer.