1. I would like a modifiable, copyable & transferable book so I can sell books.

THiNC does not sell full permission books. The THiNC Printing Press will allow you to make a copy of a THiNC Book with no modify/copy/transfer permissions. You may change the permissions for the next owner if needed. This will allow you to sell or even give away your custom book. Please view the THiNC Press page for more information.

2. How do you get text on the book? Can I use a notecard?

The THiNC Printing Press & Book only uses textures or snapshots to display pages. By using your favorite image program (ie: Photoshop, The Gimp, paint.net etc) you can put text into a picture format supported by Second Life to upload. There are numerous tools on the web to export your work to an image format Second Life can use.

3. How do I get to include a landmark, notecard, play a sound for the books?

Currently the THiNC Books do not support addition items to included. The THiNC Printing Press  supports making publication that can include one landmark and/or one notecard and/or link to a website. Please view the THiNC Press page for more information.

4. How many pages can a THiNC Book hold?

There is no limit of how many pages an individual THiNC Book can hold. If you are planning to published the book with the Printing Press the THiNC Publications are limited to 1000 pages.

5. Every time I touch my book it says a bunch of gibberish text to me, what’s wrong?

The THiNC book is in PUBLICATION MODE. This mode is used only if you want to transfer information to the THiNC Printing Press to make a copy of your book. Edit your THiNC Book and select the content folder. Double click the _SIZE&ORIENTATION notecard. Where it says PUBLICATION MODE the next line instead of YES type in NO. Click save and close the edit window.

6. What size texture should I use to make the pages?

Smaller textures are better because they do load quicker but it depends on how detailed your pages are. If you want a lot of detail you might try the highest resolution but you will most likely need to experiment to see what looks best. Here is a table that will help layout your pages.
Resolution                  Low         Medium        High        Highest
Portrait (3×4)         288×384    384×512    576×768    768×1024
Standard (1×1)       384×384    512×512    768×768    1024×1024
Landscape (4×3)    384×288    512×384    768×576    1024×768

7. I think my THiNC Book is broken, it will no longer open when I touch it or accept any new pictures.

A common problem is that THiNC Book script can be accidently taken out dragging textures back and forth or by using the open command. Do a search for THiNC book and see if you have the script in your inventory. Insert the script back into the THINC book and it should behave as normal.