Touch the binding (outer cover, uppper or lower) of the book to open and close the book. (If you advance beyond the first or last page it will close automatically.)
Click the right page to advance pages.
Click the left page to go to the previous page.


Take the THiNC Book into inventory.
Right mouse click and left click Wear. Note: If book is larger than default size it will resize itself so you can read it in HUD view. Once rezed back in normal world it will resize back to it’s original size.


1. Rez your THiNC Book. Right click the book and  select edit.

2. Click the CONTENT tab.

3. OPTIONAL – Double click the SIZE&ORIENTATION notecard to further personalize your THiNC Book.

Orientation – This is the aspect ratio – there are 3 choices:

STANDARD: has square pages the default setting of the THiNC book. (1×1 ratio)
LANDSCAPE: has rectangular pages – better for taking straight screenshots. (4×3 ratio)
PORTRAIT: bigger vertically best for publications & magazines (3×4 ratio)

Size – You can also adjust your THiNC Book to any size from 0-100 (0 smallest- 100 Largest) your book comes set default to 0.

PUBLICATION MODE – (YES or NO) Choose YES only if you are publishing copies of your THiNC Book  using a THiNC Printing Press.

After changing the _SIZE&ORIENTATION notecard be sure to click save, then close the notecard window.


The THiNC Book uses textures or snapshoS for pages. You may use any snapshot or texture as long as they have full permissions.

1. Edit your THiNC Book and select the contents tab.

2. Go to your inventory and select the texture or snapshot and drag it into the contents tab.

3. Repeat step 2 until you have all the pictures loaded.

4. OPTIONAL: Rename each texture or snapshot in the order you want them displayed. The THiNC Book will display the pages alphabetically. We recommend using names like 001, 002, 003, etc.


Your THiNC Book is also comes with a fully customizable cover. Inside the inventory of each THiNC Book *BACK, *FRONT, *SIDE, & *SPINE textures correspond to each part of the book.

1. Edit your THiNC Book and select the Content tab.

2. Under the content folder in the edit window you should see textures named: *BACK,*FRONT, *SIDE, & *SPINE. You must replace these textures depending on which part of your book you wish to customize. To do this just name your new textures these exact names.

3. Delete the textures you will be replacing in the THiNC Book. Note: You may want to copy the original textures to your inventory first so you can go back if you make a mistake.

4. Insert your new textures into your THiNC Books content folder.

5. Now your fully customized texture should be showing on your book cover, you may replace it as many times as you like by following these steps