Thinc Book

The THiNC Book is SLs original customizable book and is still a great economical way to publish your own book or photo album. The THiNC Book has full animations and sound such as: the book closing, opening and turning pages, is transferable and fully modifiable.  You may color, texture or resize it any way you like.  If you don’t want to bother with step by step direction you can just throw your pictures in and it will sort the pictures alphabetically.  Or you can take control by naming them alphabetically to what will be shown first.   The book may be browsed by anyone if left out.   This is a versatile book that can be use for many applications, including:

PHOTO ALBUM – Setup your own photo album with your pictures to capture the memories.  Leave it out so your friends can browse through it.

NOVEL – Inspired author?  Just create and type text on each page using your favorite paint program.  Save it as a graphic file and upload the graphics and store them in the book.

CATALOG -  Another advertising tool.   Use it for your items for sale, or a portfolio of your work, etc.  Place the book out in your store for people to browse or give them out using the publication package.  Setup the pages much like a novel.

GIFTS – Create a custom albums or book to give out to a friend.   It would be a great gift for wedding guests.

PUBLISHING – Make multiple copies of your book to give out or to sell.  THiNC Printing Press Required.