Thinc Press

The THiNC Printing Press v2.5 works in conjunction with the THiNC Book (which is required) to publish your own book to give out or even sell.  The THiNC Printing Press v2.5 creates an exact copy of your THiNC Book for unlimited distribution. Each publication produced is no modify but is COPY & TRANSFER. The copy & transfer rights can be changed according to the authors preference.  The publication will display all the pages and look the same as the THiNC Book including the sounds,  page animations and HUD display.  The menu includes the ability to easily advance pages, especially helpful if you have a table of contents or a large book.   Other features include changing the size of the book, turning off sounds, turning on full bright pages and also the ability to hide the book in HUD mode.   The THiNC Printing Press also has the ability to include one  landmark, note card and a internet URL address.  The THiNC Printing Press has been chosen and trusted by many notable magazines, blogs, real life authors, and educators.



  • The book produced has no modify but copy & transfer permissions which allows you to give out or even sell.
  • Large total capacity that each publication can hold 1000 pages.
  • Makes unlimited books from one original.
  • Encrypted secured data prevents people to copy your books.
  • Backup option which allows you to republish the book again if needed.
  • Books published can be different sizes and different layout ratios with custom covers.
  • HUD mode support including the ability to hide.
  • Ability to add  a landmark, note card and or internet URL address.
  • Advance menu option includes hide in hud mode, advance pages, info about book, and other book preferences. HUD Resizing.



1) Gifts such as special occasion photo albums and weddings.

2) Periodic publications such as magazines and newsletters.

3) Catalogues displaying all your products.  A great advertising tool!

4) Portfolio of projects, artwork or photography to give out to the customers in a professional way.

5) Aspiring Author?  Create your own publication to give out to the public or to sell.

6) Make some extra money selling your publications.


Each publication is produced no modify keeping your work intact and to prevent people from copying your book unless you give them the right to.   Security was considered very highly in this product.  Most books scripts require full permission texture images to be present inside the book.  Any person who is  given the book will have the ability to pull the textures out or even to go as far to reproduce the book even if it’s set to no modify.  Each publication produced by the THiNC Printing Press is encrypted and contains no textures and can be easy reproduced and backup by keeping a copy of the books note card.